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Friday, 3 November 2017

Terrible Superhero TV Shows You Completely Forgot About

Bring back Manimal! 

In the current age of Peak TV, fans of genre television are definitely getting spoiled. Horror fans get Hannibal and American Horror Story, science fiction fans have Westworld and Stranger Things, and fantasy buffs are enjoying Game of Thrones and American Gods.
Fans who have been waiting for great superhero storytelling have an abundance of riches at their disposal, from the various Netflix Marvel offerings to Gotham, Arrow and FX’s Legion.
However, before viewers get too complacent and accustomed to the fantastic offerings at their fingertips, it’s a good idea to remember where superhero storytelling was just a few short years ago. When it began in 2006, NBC’s Heroes seemed like a strong and intelligent series, but by the time it limped into its third and fourth seasons, it was clear that television still hadn’t cracked exactly how to make longform superhero storytelling compelling.
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