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Friday, 25 March 2016

Batman vs. Superman: Review by a Fan! not a so called Critic

I saw the movie Thursday night, and I will go see it again at least once more in the theatre. 

It was good.

 Critics are such jerks. They aren't providing a non-bias opinion, in my opinion and think that the people making the movie, on screen and behind the camera are lazy, and that they could do better! Well, all I can say is it must be nice to be prefect. I refer mostly to one review that called the movie " a complete and utter failure". Frickin' drama queen. 
Here's a link to the review, judge for yourself.
I would like to take on a couple of the points that bothered the reviewer, though.
1. " I still think this entire subplot was reverse engineered by the writers as a way to retroactively justify the end of Man of Steel"  I see it as a unique way of tying the two films together. Not that the writers were lazy, as the reviewer suggests. Also, David S Goyer was writer on both films. So one might assume that in talks with studios this was perhaps planned ahead (at least in the writer's mind).
2.  "Clark Kent is still struggling with the idea of whether or not he should even be a hero". This is what makes Superman such an identifiable character. Self-doubt. We all have it. Can I do better? Is this what I was meant to do? The age old question is asked again as to weather or not Clark should just give up, or is the struggle worth the reward. 
3. " It's established early on that Doomsday, an "unkillable" abomination, only gets more powerful every time he's attacked, so naturally, our three heroes just swing away at him for twenty minutes before someone has the bright idea that it isn't working and they need another way to bring him down." First off, "established early on", that's a bit of a stretch. Watch the movie again. It's established at the beginning of the conflict (fight scene), AND it's established to the audience, NOT the heroes. 
4. "Excessive dream sequence". Umm.... I only saw the movie once (so far) and I'm pretty sure there were only 2. SPOILER ALERT! ( the bleeding crypt, and the post-apocalyptic world) Correct me if I'm wrong.
5. "a metric ton of Justice League set-up"  Umm....dude, get back on your meds. Part of the purpose of this film was to set-up the JL! And a metric ton? Exaggerate much? The introduction to the members of the JL, apart from the Trinity, was maybe 7 minutes of screen time.

So those are my thoughts. Share yours. But, if you want a review by a guy who actually works in the movie industry, check it out below.

"BATMAN v SUPERMAN" spoiler free review-- In so many words, I liked it. I had a smile on my face through most of the...
Posted by Sandy Collora on Thursday, 24 March 2016
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