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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Batman fans asked to save real Gotham's building


It may not look as grand as Wayne Manor, but villagers hope Batman fans might be able to help them save a community building in the real Gotham.
The building in the Nottinghamshire village - historically connected to the fictional Gotham City - closed amid financial problems and is up for sale.
Campaigners are raising money to buy it and hope Batman fans will aid them.
"We all need a superhero around occasionally, don't we?," said John Anderson, who is leading fundraising
  • Villagers in Gotham used to have a reputation for madness, and stories of their supposedly foolish acts were collected in various books including The Merie Tales of the Mad Men of Gotam, published in 1565.
  • The American author Washington Irving became aware of the tales and repeatedly referred to Manhattan as Gotham when writing, in 1807, in the Salmagundi papers, a satirical periodical mocking New Yorkers.
  • Gotham then became a popular nickname for New York City and is still used today, in shop names and notably at the Gotham Center for New York City History.
  • Batman's setting in Detective Comics was initially referred to as an unnamed "teeming metropolis" and later explicitly identified as "New York".
  • However, writer Bill Finger said he changed the name to Gotham City after looking through a phone book and seeing the name Gotham Jewelers.
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