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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Check out 10 Awesome B&W Batman Stories

“Silent Knight…Unholy Knight!” — Michael Uslan and Dave Bullock, from Volume 4
Silent movies were undeniably an influence on Bill Finger and Bob Kane’s creation of The Batman. One silent film in particular was especially formative: the 1926 film The Bat, from which the pair took several elements that defined the Dark Knight. (See this ”web page“, which looks like it was created by a sixteen-year-old in 1999, for more.) In “Silent Knight…Unholy Knight!,” Uslan and Bullock acknowledge that influence with a silent-film-with-a-comic that really manages to capture an odd mood; a synthesis of the silvery flicker of film and mechanics of sequential art. As an era-appropriate Bat-Man hunts down the villainous Unholy Knight, Bullock’s copious use of brilliant white space, delicate brush-lines, and nuanced sense of light and shade really seem to give these pages a little of the fuzzy shimmer of the early silver screen
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