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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Street Legaal #Batmobile
This guy built a street legal Batmobile in his back yard! you have to check out the link to see the complete series of pics and video of the project.

After a life-long love of Batman, 29-year-old Sydney man Zac Mihajlovic spent two years building a Batmobile in his backyard. The superhero enthusiast made a 6.2 metre Batmobile modelled in accurate detail on the one used by Batman in the 1989 movie - the only one in the world with full street registration. With a passion for the winged comic character, in 2009 Mr Mihajlovic bought a few spare parts from the actual Batmobile used in the movie and put them away. 'I'm a car and bike guy so I love all that sort of stuff,' he said. 'It doesn't get much better, if you can build anything what would you build? For me it was a Batmobile.'  

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