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Saturday, 21 June 2014

New #Batman Flick in 2019 ?!?

As Warner Bros. and DC ramp up their superheroic output as part of their answer to Marvel’s domination of the genre in cinemas, we have some confirmed movies – such as the in-production Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice and the planned Justice League follow up, plus a rumoured future schedule. Another possibility has emerged from Latino Review’s sources, with whispers that Ben Affleck’s Batman will appear in his own stand-alone film, working titled The Batman.
Naturally, none of this has been confirmed by the studio, so you may file it firmly in the Bat-rumour storage caves for now. But with Affleck signed on for multiple outings as the Caped Crusader, the idea is hardly far fetched. Warners would naturally want to capitalise on any potential goodwill generated by Zack Snyder’s two new movies and it only seems right that the new Bats score his own adventure.
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