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Monday, 16 June 2014

this is just plane FUN!


How do those meddling kids do it? How do Scooby and the gang keep such an upbeat attitude as they pass through a world of decay and darkness? For the Mystery Inc. team every day amounts to stormy skies and abandoned places. Every destination is a haven for greed and deception where more than half the people they meet are fear mongering criminals. Perhaps Scoob and company cope with their bleak reality by finding comfort in the beauty that surrounds them.

The background art in Scooby Doo Where Are You? (1969-1971) is equally splendid and foreboding. The rich, painterly environment almost compensates for the clunky character animation. Ex-Disney artist, Walt Peregoy set a high standard during his brief, first episode stint as Background Stylist. But the background crew continued to churn out quality, creepy work throughout the following two seasons. Hanna-Barbera may be known for their annoying use of repeated, looping backgrounds but, as you are about to see, in this case the sublime scenery is well worth another look.

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