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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

@CaptainCanuck to Celebrate Canada Day with New Edition!

A patriotic superhero with ties to Calgary will be the focus of a new Canada Day edition.
Given that Captain Canuck has been fighting for truth, justice and the Canadian way for nearly 40 years, it may seem strange that he has yet to star in a “Canada Day” edition. But creator and former Calgarian Richard Comely used the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo on Saturday to announce the first of what he hopes will become an annual tradition.
The Captain Canuck Canada Day Edition will be released June 28 and feature two adventures, a listing of cultural events across Canada and a list of comic-book stores and conventions.
Best of all, it will be made available for free through public libraries and comic book stores across the nation, beginning June 28.
Captain Canuck was born in Winnipeg, the brainchild of Comely and friend Ron Leishman who had met at a Mormon church. Four issues were published in 1975 before the character was reborn (in the first of many reincarnations) in Calgary in 1979.
Those early issues were illustrated by George Freeman and Raymond, Alberta’s Claude St. Aubin, who are both involved in the new edition. It’s the first time in 33 years that Comley, Freeman and St. Aubin have collaborated.
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