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Friday, 4 October 2013

#AlphaFlight #Guardian exculisve

Who wants to get me one of these?!?!
The leader of Alpha Flight is dressed for action in his distinctive attire, with a fully articulated body! Designed and built by Mego Ed, this true north hero fits in perfectly with the rest of your Mego Superheroes collection and features card art by Toronto artist Christopher Yao. Once again, this figure will be available only at Octoyberfest 2013 at the Mego Museum area (tables 8 and 9, please see floor plan for exact location).

Price for this instant collectible will be $50 at the show. We will be taking limited pre-orders of the figure for those attending the show (conditions apply, we will make an announcement if the figure is pre-sold out). Please email to reserve yours today!

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