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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

WHY Aren't there More Canadian Superheres?

I believe this to be a very thought provoking article, being from Canada and all. Some good points made, but what do you think? Please comment.

Some thoughts on Canadian superheroes:
- Canadians, by and large, aren’t as theatrically patriotic as Americans are. We believe in our country and we’re passionate about it to a degree, but we don’t tend to put on the kind of bold outward display of patriotism that Americans do. When Stacy and I visited Maryland for a friend’s wedding late last year we saw small town America in full form and were stunned by the number of American flags out in front of houses. I haven’t seen that many Canadian flags anywhere this side of the parliament buildings in Ottawa. We as Canadians tend to be laid back and more understated as a whole and the kind of “Rah-Rah, our country needs a hero!” thing doesn’t seem to jive well with our national identity.
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