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Friday, 18 January 2013

The Batman Chronicles

HELP BRING THIS WEB SERIES TO LIFE! Find out more: (This is a Non-Profit Fan Film) Hi there! We are The Batman Chronicles team, and are looking to fund our non-profit, original web-series. It is based in world where Batman has just started out. He's not perfect, he's naive, and he has a lot learn. The series is a comic-true realization. Dark, but not afraid to stay true to the source material. Our Bruce doesn't have all the answers to his past that he would like, and is still struggling with his inner guilt that stems from the night his parents were murdered. His choice to become "The Batman" was to be his atonement. But now a new crime syndicate has risen to fame in Gotham...The Red Hood Gang. Batman must figure out who the leader of this gang is, and take him down, but he can't do it alone. He will need the help of Commissioner James Gordon, and other allies. When he comes to face the leader of the Red Hood Gang, it marks the start of a never ending tango.... (HA HA HA HA). He will have to go to the farthest reaches of his skill to take down this criminal mastermind and save what is left of the city's heart. In the director's chair is Joe Petruccio, a graduate of The School of Visual Arts (BFA Film & Video), and professional editor in the television industry. Bruce Wayne/Batman will be played by Daniel Petruccio, an actor for over five years, who has performed for film as well as in stage plays. The Joker will be played by Anthony Misiano, a seasoned stage actor and independent film actor/director ("Moonflower"). He is a revered Joker costumer, and has appeared on Reddit, Flickr, 9Gag, Tumblr, Imdb, G4TV, and at conventions nationwide. Commissioner Gordon will be played by Bob Keiffer, popular in the costuming community. Writer, Michael Lupia, is a film student at Boston University. The Project is important to us because it has been in our hearts for as long as we can remember. Everyone on the team is a die-hard Batman fan, and wants nothing more than to show the world THE Batman and his world from the comics that we all know and love, and never have gotten to see fully realized on film. Helping us fund this film would mean the absolute world to us, as Batman is such a great passion of ours. We all think there is so much more to see with this character, and such rich stories to tell. With your help, we will produce an amazing, quality product that every fan can be proud of.
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