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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Big Bang Thoery not the was BOB

Who knew? Big Bang Theory wasn't the first show about comic book geeks (or for comic book geeks)

The 1992 sitcom Bob starred Bob Newhart of Newhart and The Bob Newhart Show fame as Bob McKay, the cartoonist who created Mad-Dog, a Batman like super hero during the 1950s, which ceases to be published after the whole Wertham “Seduction of the Innocent” scare. Fast forwarding about four decades later, the American-Canadian Trans-Continental Communications Company buys the rights to the character, and Bob gets back into the comics industry.
Bob winds up feuding with his much younger writer/editor who wants to take the character into a much darker and more violent direction, setting up Bob’s workplace drama in the usual sitcom old guy versus new guy sense.
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