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Monday, 10 October 2011

Warner Bros. Already Planning for Batman on Film?

BATMAN-ON-FILM.COM - "Warner Bros. Already Planning for Batman on Film, Vol. 3?" (10.10.11)

Rumor? WB and DC looking ahead for a BATMAN reboot after Nolan is finished telling his story....................

"The [Batman film] franchise will be in much better shape when [Christopher] Nolan’s done next year than it was back in ‘97,” says this particular FOBOF. “[THE DARK KNIGHT] RISES will certainly leave the audience wanting more Batman on film…that wasn’t the case after BATMAN AND ROBIN.”
With THE DARK KNIGHT RISES being a true trilogy and “ending” Batman on film in terms of Mr. Nolan’s Bat-Universe and continuity, we’re talking reboot. “That’s the plan,” so says our source. “[Warner Bros.’ Chief Jeff] Robinov has already said as much…you know, that stuff with [Christopher] Nolan and Emma [Thomas] producing. The interesting thing here is how long will they wait before launching the next Batman trilogy -- and I’m quite sure they’ll want another [a trilogy].”
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