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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Custom Batvan ala Japan

Although custom vans are just a bad memory in North America, they are still hugely popular in Japan. The Bat-van is the result of one van owner's decision to mix a serious love of Batman with Japan's extreme custom van culture.

Japan has a knack for taking American ideas and putting a unique spin on them. Although the custom van craze of the 70s may have originated in America, it is clear when you lay eyes on the Batvan that Japan has made custom van culture their own.
Looking at the Bat-van is overwhelming to the senses. The huge fibreglass wings and body kit mixed with the Batman theme produces something that looks more like animation then the real world. You have to wonder if the top wings or front overhang are removable for highway travel.

Check out this link to view more pics and the rest of the article.
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