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Monday, 20 September 2010

Cost Of Doing Business in Comics

Labor Day and the Cost Of Doing Business in Comics - ComicMix news

 Cost Of Doing Business in Comics

Monopoly Money - new design $500Five hundred dollars.
When people talk about putting regular, old-fashioned comic books online, keep that $500 in mind.
That's about how much it costs for an average page of comic book art, in terms of labour. Figure $100 for the writer, $150 for the penciller, $130 for the inker, $90 for the colorist, and $30 for the letterer. Those numbers go up and down depending on talent and publishers, but that's a nice round number for us to work with.
Let's consider another number: 22. That's the average page count for a monthly comic book story. It's also the number of pages most average pencillers can produce a month. Neat coincidence.
Now start multiplying. That means a penciller will make $3300 a month, or $39,600 a year. With covers, round that up to $42 grand a year. Not a lot of cash there. And the penciller's the highest paid talent on the book. A writer will make $2200 a month, and nobody pays him to write covers. He'll probably have to write two books a month to make his nut. And so on.
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