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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Batmobile Replicas for Sale

Photo: 20th Century Fox/The Everett Collection
Holy tricked-out ride, Batman! The '60s-style Batmobile is now available -- for those with Bruce Wayne bank accounts -- in life-sized replica form.
DC Comics has officially licensed Fiberglass Freaks to re-create, down to the flame throwers (working, natch), the futuristic car that the Caped Crusader drove in the 1960s TV series.
For $150,000, you too could keep Gotham City safe. Or at least look really, really cool while sitting in traffic.
Each car frame is built around a 1970s Lincoln Town Car. And only eight of these hand-crafted beauties roll off the factory floor each year. Company founder Mark Racop has been perfecting the design pretty much his entire life, way before he got the official go-ahead. According to his website, the Batmobile-obsessive fell in love with the car from the show at the tender age of two.
The cars are road-ready and come equipped with a GM 350 crate engine, Radir wheels with custom bat spinners, and a paint job only a superhero wanna-be could love. And need we mention the bat-wing shaped tail fins? This car gives new meaning to joy ride.
And because these wheels are pimped up, the 1966 Batmobile also comes equipped with  some very 2010 additions: a DVD player with LCD screen in the dash (to play re-runs of the series, obviously) and a high-end stereo to blast the "Batman" theme song.
Cape not included.
Batmobile replicas from Fiberglass Freaks
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