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Monday, 30 August 2010

Jason Todd a Robin with tattered wings.

Some interesting perspective here............
Jason Todd a Robin with tattered wings. - West Palm Beach Comic Books |
In 1983, darkness in the guise of innocence would be born into the DC Universe. As the original Robin, Dick Grayson, was now known by the name Nightwing, Batman was in need of a replacement Robin to stand by his side. The new Robin would appear as the young innocent Jason Todd.
Though Jason’s original origin story showed as a mirror image to that of Dick Grayson’s, the two would ultimately grow to be two vastly different Robins. When first told, Jason was a young circus performer whose parents were killed by Killer Croc. Jason was then adopted by Bruce Wayne, had his red hair dyed black, and took to wearing Dick Grayson’s old Robin costume. To Batman, it was like the good old times; but in Gotham City, nothing good last.
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