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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Golfing wiith Bruce Wayne

Golfing With the Dark Knight (complete post here)

If Bruce Wayne had no desire to keep his crime-fighting identity as Batman a secret, he would probably tool around the golf course in this:

This stylish golf cart is modeled after The Tumbler-the vehicle that Bruce Wayne adapts into the Batmobile in Batman Begins and which met with a dramatic destruction at the hands of the Joker in The Dark Knight.

Complete with rocket booster, a stylized windshield and a spoiler, this tricked out ride would definitely turn the heads of golfers and comic book fans alike.  And they would hear it coming; the cart incorporates several sound effects from the movies.

Seen around the Warner Brothers' movie lot, this golf cart was originally thought to be owned by Christopher Nolan, the co-writer/director of the two wildly successful superhero flicks.  It was later discovered that it belongs to a huge fan of the caped crusader who happens to work on the lot.

While I couldn't find more specs on this little vehicle, remembering this scene from Batman Begins and wondering if the golf cart could do any of this stuff sparked my imagination:
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