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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Robin, Robin, Robin, Robin, Robin

Robin, Robin, Robin, Robin, Robin & Robin

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The above link is a great little history of ROBIN the Boy Wonder...

Dick Grayson was the first and original Robin, and also held the mantle for longest -- he first appeared in Batman comics in 1940, and continued fighting crime in red, green and yellow until 1985. (This is why he is the only person in comics who can still call himself "Dick" without anyone snickering; in 1940, "Dick" was a completely acceptable nickname for "Richard," and by the time people started using the word "dick" as slang for "penis," Mr. Grayson had been named Dick for decades already.)

Grayson is by far the most well-known Robin. Not only did he stay Robin for forty-five years, but he's also the one Robin who generally makes it into adaptations of the Batman franchise -- if you see Robin in a movie or a cartoon or anywhere outside the comics, 90% of the time it'll be Dick Grayson.
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