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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

CCEE part 3

Matt Wagner  the creator of Grendel, was at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo last weekend. I got to chat with him briefly, while he was signing my books. Great guy....looking forward to his upcoming work on Xanadu.

Battle of the JOKERS

THIS IS A NON-PROFIT VIDEO MADE PURELY FOR FUN Jack or Heath? Which Joker is better? There are qualities about both that fans love and wish could be better.  What if they faced off to see who truly could call himself, The Joker?

Check out his other videos at the link above! 

I believe both are excellent...the films they were in were totally different styles, thus the Joker is a different style, too.

Monday, 26 April 2010

CCEE part 2

The crowds at Calgary got to meet the first Harvey Dent...Billy D. Williams. Nice man, very pleasant.

"BATMAN LIVE" - Touring Batman Stage Show Coming Soon

"BATMAN LIVE" - Touring Batman Stage Show Coming Soon! (4.26.10)

according to the HEAT VISION BLOG, Warner Bros. and DC Comics are putting together a touring Batman stage show -- tentatively titled BATMAN LIVE.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

CCEE part 1

This is the first of 3 posts I'll be making about the CCEE.
The Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo was this weekend, and boy was it good. 1000's of people from all over western Canada came out. Special Guest was Leonard Nimoy of Star Trek fame....and most recently from the TV show FRINGE. He was "White Hatted" by Calgary Mayor Dave. If you aren't' from's like getting the key to the city. I was 4th in line to get Mr. Nimoy's autograph.

Friday, 23 April 2010

Nimoy beams up to Vulcan, Alta.

CBC News - Arts - Nimoy beams up to Vulcan, Alta.

Pointy ears abound in Vulcan, Alta., with Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy scheduled to lead a parade celebrating the town's status as "official Star Trek capital of Canada."

Nimoy was invited to visit the town after the actor backed Vulcan's failed bid to host the world premiere of Star Trek XI in March 2009.

Leonard Nimoy spoke to CBC News in Calgary before heading to  Vulcan on Friday. Leonard Nimoy spoke to CBC News in Calgary before heading to Vulcan on Friday. (Scott Dippel/CBC)

Nimoy's celebrity endorsement swelled interest in Vulcan, about 130 kilometres southeast of Calgary.

A railway surveyor named Vulcan after the Roman god of fire in 1915 but the town shares its name with the birth planet of Spock, Nimoy's character in the original Star Trek TV series.

Pfister : No To Batman 3D

Wally Pfister talks Batman 3
No To Batman 3D
Source: Cinematical

Wally Pfister talks Batman 3

Although, with Inception looming, Christopher Nolan would be forgiven for having other things on his mind - strange, dreamlike things with moving cityscapes and stuff - the rest of us wait for news on Batman 3 with breath just the other side of baited.

Nolan - Jonathan, that is - is hard at work writing a script that, if his brother's hints prove prophetic, will bring the Bat-saga to a fitting close. But while Christopher Nolan remains tight-lipped, long-time DoP Wally Pfister has shared a few tit-bits with Cinematical.

Pfister intimated that shooting at least some scenes in IMAX is a possibility, but all but ruled out the possibility of Batman 3 appearing in 3D. "I did it [IMAX] for one shot of The Dark Knight because Chris said, 'You have to say you did it,' and literally I had this strapped to my shoulder and I was carrying it," he told the site. "But I think he is game for doing something interesting like that. Lord knows that the 3D fad might pass by the time that summer comes around."

Click here for complete article.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Trailer for Under the Red Hood!!!

 MSN  debuted the first trailer for the upcoming animated film, BATMAN: UNDER THE RED HOOD

<a href=";from=sp&amp;fg=shareObject&amp;vid=c9358acd-5576-4f1f-9034-f061a3294951" target="_new" title="Exclusive: 'Batman: Under the Red Hood' trailer">Video: Exclusive: 'Batman: Under the Red Hood' trailer</a>

Monday, 19 April 2010

9 Actors Who Almost Played Superheroes and Villains...

Here's a article from  TOPLESS ROBOT about some casting rumours that had happened over the years.

Whether you're on the side of Christian Bale or Michael Keaton, Brandon Routh or Christopher Reeve, or Tobey Maguire over whatever-unknown-they-get-to-play-Spider-Man, you know how important casting is to a movie. You get your duds, sure (Colin Farrell in Daredevil, anyone?), but that part could have easily gone to someone else. And sometimes, the guy you see in the tights wasn't the first guy who was picked for the role...

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Heroes of the North

A new web series about a elite group of Canadian Super Heroes!!! Check out the trailer, web site ( or their FaceBook page

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Agent provocateur Malcolm McLaren

CBC News - Music - Agent provocateur

some cool video here!

Of all the outrageous promotional stunts that the late Malcolm McLaren orchestrated — or at least claimed to orchestrate — during the Sex Pistols' short career, the one that attained the greatest infamy was the 1977 boat cruise on the River Thames.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010


I love this game!!!
Video: BATMAN ARKHAM ASYLUM Game Of The Year Edition 3D - GOTY


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