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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

The Batman Superbus

superbus 1 Batman Superbus for a Luxury Journey
An amazing compilation of latest technologies and innovative ideas, the Batman Superbus devised by the student of UT Delft, Netherlands is pulling all eyes towards it. The Batman Superbus is loaded with every possible and improved provisions and features. The reason behind the invention of this Superbus by the students is that they want to provide the passengers with a transportation experience that has something extra, better and convenient. This Batman Superbus is enhanced with a carbon-fiber shell, sixteen individual gullwing doors for the comfort of getting in and getting down fast along with a low chassis. As this bus is equipped with lithium-polymer batteries, the electric motor gets powered to run at a speed of up to 800 HP and it can run up to 130 miles too without any need to charge up the batteries.
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