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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

A picture is worth.....

Here are some great Batman inspired photos that I have stolen of the net.

The Batman Superbus

superbus 1 Batman Superbus for a Luxury Journey
An amazing compilation of latest technologies and innovative ideas, the Batman Superbus devised by the student of UT Delft, Netherlands is pulling all eyes towards it. The Batman Superbus is loaded with every possible and improved provisions and features. The reason behind the invention of this Superbus by the students is that they want to provide the passengers with a transportation experience that has something extra, better and convenient. This Batman Superbus is enhanced with a carbon-fiber shell, sixteen individual gullwing doors for the comfort of getting in and getting down fast along with a low chassis. As this bus is equipped with lithium-polymer batteries, the electric motor gets powered to run at a speed of up to 800 HP and it can run up to 130 miles too without any need to charge up the batteries.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

LEGO Batman on iPhone

Chris Evans Confirmed for Captain America

Chris Evans Confirmed for Captain America - Superhero Hype!

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Chris Evans ("Fantastic Four" films) has accepted Marvel Studios' offer for him to play Steve Rogers/Captain America in the Joe Johnston-directed The First Avenger: Captain America. Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely wrote the script.

Marvel would not comment on the development, but we expect the official announcement will be made soon.


D.C. Comics Legend Dick Giordano, Dead at 77 - Superhero Hype!

D.C. Comics Legend Dick Giordano, Dead at 77 - Superhero Hype!

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Superhero Hype is sad to report the passing of D.C. Comics great Dick Giordano (1932 - 2010), who began working at the company in the late '60s as an editor, but whose popularity hit its stride when he inked Neal Adams' run of Batman and the classic Green Lantern/Green Arrow team-up series of the '70s. Giordano also inked the very first Marvel/DC inter-company crossover Superman vs. the Amazing Spider-Man in 1978 and inked Adams on the even more unconventional one-shot Superman vs. Muhammad Ali.  

Click on the link above to read the whole article.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Holy Bedhair Batman

Check the original post for more great photos.
With thigh high boots, capes, and skin-tight leathers as major fashion trends, who can blame French Revue de Mode for taking Batman on as an unlikely style icon? Starring beside Ali Stephens in a shoot titled The Dark Knight, Batman looks a little short and unimpressive next to the towering Stephens, but we like the concept none the less.
Batman and Ali Stephens in French Revue de Mode
As well as sporting big Wonder Woman-esque hair, Stephens' makeup is, on close inspection, a subtle and clever play on the super-hero eyemask.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

"BATMAN 3" Is On The Way!

BATMAN-ON-FILM.COM - It's OFFICIAL: "BATMAN 3" Is On The Way! (3.10.10)
The script is currently being written by Chris’ brother Jonathan Nolan based on a story by David Goyer and C-Nolan -- just as THE DARK KNIGHT was put together.
Thanks to BATMAN-ON-FILM.COM for keeping us in the loop!!!

Thursday, 4 March 2010

9 Old School Batman Vehicles That Rocked

9 Old School Batman Vehicles That Rocked

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We decided to revisit the classic 1960s Batman TV show and pick out some of the coolest crime fighting and villainous vehicles we could find.
So here’s our rundown of the 9 most coolest classic batman vehicles. If we’ve missed out your favorite let us know in the comments!

#9. Parachute Pickup Service Van

After fans wrote into the show complaining about Batman’s complete disregard for littering the streets with used Batmobile parachutes, the show equipped Alfred with a Batmobile Parachute Pickup Service Van to go and retrieve the chutes from the street.

#8. Catwoman’s Kitty Car

Catwoman’s Kitty Car (or Cat-illac as it was also known) was first used to ‘kidnap’ The Joker as he left Jail, and came complete with whiskers and a tail. Powered by a Corvair engine and with fully independent air/oil suspension, this hand-built beauty also featured an electric opening hood, doors, and roof.

#7. The Batcycle

The Batcycle was Batman’s backup mode of transport should the Batmobile be in need of a service. Amazingly the Batcycle also included a handy sidecar for Robin that could detach itself and become a fully independent mode of transport. The original Batcycle was a 1959 Harley Davidson with side car.

#6. The Penguin’s Solid Gold Tank

In the episode “Penguin’s Disastrous End”, The Penguin built himself a tank out of solid gold which he used to leave a trail of destruction across Gotham City. He also ran right over Chief O’Hara’s squad car crushing flat.

#5. The Batcopter

The dynamic duo rounded off their crime fighter stable by adding a Helicopter to the growing arsenal which included the Batmobile, Batcycle, Batboat, and now the Batcopter. The Batcopter was real helicopter based on the Bell 47 design, which first appeared along with the Batboat and Batcycle in the 1966 movie.

#4. The Joker Mobile

The Joker-Mobile appeared in the episode The Joker’s Last Laugh” and was a custom build of the Mongrel T that was used in Elvis Presley’s movie “Easy Come Easy Go”.

#3. The Batboat

First seen in the 1966 Batman movie, the Batboat enabled Batman and Robin to quickly navigate the seas armed to the teeth as they avoided exploding sharks in pursuit of The Penguin’s submarine.

#2. The Penguin’s Submarine

In the 1966 Batman full length movie, the Riddler, Penguin, Joker and Catwoman all club together to buy a pre-atomic submarine. After fitting the sub with flippers the super villains got ot work shooting torpedoes and Polaris missiles at anyone in their way.

#1. The Batmobile

Well it was always gonna be number one on the list wasn’t it? This iconic 1966 Batmobile was built exclusively for the TV show, and built from a $250,000 1955 Ford Lincoln concept car.


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