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Thursday, 28 January 2010

Wooden Bat Car!!!

This is a great little hobby car that you can build and customize the way you want it. Buy a couple and do a whole fleet of Batmobiles!!! HA!

Derby Cars from Pine Car.

FEATURES: Designer Kits turn a basic wooden block and wheel kit into an

exceptional racer.

All it takes is 7 easy steps:

1: Shape car body using the enclosed template.

2: Glue on plastic body details-front & rear fenders.

3: Paint car.

4: Rub on colorful dry transfer decals.

5: Apply windows/cockpit material.

6: Install wheels and axles.

7: Attach incremental weights.


-Dry transfer decals.

-Window material.

-Weight screws.


-Body details.

-Incremental weights.

-Detailed instructions.

The Batcar resembles the "Batmobile" with fender flares and a

"Batman" graphic on the hood.

INCLUDES: One Batcar Designer Kit for Pinewood Derby Cars.

REQUIRES: Pine Car's Basic Block (PINY1370) or notched B.S.A. car.
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