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Thursday, 28 January 2010

Wooden Bat Car!!!

This is a great little hobby car that you can build and customize the way you want it. Buy a couple and do a whole fleet of Batmobiles!!! HA!

Derby Cars from Pine Car.

FEATURES: Designer Kits turn a basic wooden block and wheel kit into an

exceptional racer.

All it takes is 7 easy steps:

1: Shape car body using the enclosed template.

2: Glue on plastic body details-front & rear fenders.

3: Paint car.

4: Rub on colorful dry transfer decals.

5: Apply windows/cockpit material.

6: Install wheels and axles.

7: Attach incremental weights.


-Dry transfer decals.

-Window material.

-Weight screws.


-Body details.

-Incremental weights.

-Detailed instructions.

The Batcar resembles the "Batmobile" with fender flares and a

"Batman" graphic on the hood.

INCLUDES: One Batcar Designer Kit for Pinewood Derby Cars.

REQUIRES: Pine Car's Basic Block (PINY1370) or notched B.S.A. car.

Dark Knight's Bat-Pod Took Up-Armored Road From Garage to Set

This article is from Popular Mechanics, and tells us a little more about the design of the now famous Bat-pod.

Re-inventing the motorcycle for the Caped Crusader took more than green screens and gadgets. Chris Nolan and Co. built a custom bike from plumbing parts and modded exhaust tubing, then loaded it with weapons and prayed the world's best stuntman on two wheels didn't fall off. The DIYers behind this summer blockbusterm take PM for an exclusive look at the making of Batman's new ride.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Justice Society of America

Here it comes!!! JSA on Smallville Feb 5th !!!!!

I have to admit that I stopped watching Smallville after the 2 season....but I'm stoked about this upcoming episode.

The Bat-Sentry

This is one of the greatest things I seen.
A custom made Batman Transformer. A cross between the forever-cool Batmobile of the early 1940's and a Transformer, the Bat-Sentry robots appeared in the alternate future of DC's Kingdom Come.  Jin Saotome made the above custom Bat-Sentry for Wizard Magazine a few years back.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Monday, 18 January 2010

The New KICK_ASS trailer...

Alright Fanboys!!! this one is for us you !!!!! Who hasn't fantasized about dressing up and fighting crime?!?!?! really??? who?......

This looks FUN!!!
Official site here.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Batman Beyond Dead End

Here's a video I made by putting the Batman Beyond theme music (written and preformed by CRYSTAL METHOD) with the world's best Batman Fan Film...BATMAN: DEAD END (written and filmed by Sandy Collora) together.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Batman fan film: Laughter is Everything

This is a frickin' fantastic little Batman Fan Film staring the JOKER!!! Simple, yet very well presented!! The monologue is taken directly from an Old Spice commercial that stared BRUCE CAMPBELL.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010



Comic Book Writter on NY times best list.

Check out the link for the original article.

“I like taking the characters that aren’t necessarily Superman and Batman – though they’re great, too – and propel them into the mainstream,” says Geoff Johns of his work for DC Comics. Nowhere is this approach more evident than in his revitalization of Green Lantern, a hero whom Johns brought back from the dead in 2005 and is now starring in “Blackest Night,” a top-selling storyline affecting all DC heroes.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

GOTHAM CITY Goodies: 2010 BATMAN 1:50 Series!

This was taken straight from the Hot Wheels Collector's site. The CAPED CRUSADER is back! Just in the nick of time, the Hot Wheels® BATMAN 1:50 scale series will debut seven brand-new castings for 2010!







The die-cast line continues with eight crime-fighting vehicles this year. Well… except for the new car -- THE PENGUIN BATMOBILE -- somehow the ne’er-do-well villain has waddled into the series! All eight vehicles have been faithfully designed based on the vehicles of film and television. No true BATMAN-fan will let these escape!
Here are the BATMAN 1:50 series vehicles for 2010:


BATMAN and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © DC Comics.
WB SHIELD: TM & © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Batman: as a subject.....interesting

About BMC 277: Media and Diversity

This course asks students to critically examine the role of the media in facilitating and challenging the social constructions of race, class, gender, and sexual orientation in U.S. culture.

Gender and Batman

By Micheal Rodeno

The Batman the caped crusader, the dark knight is the only super hero that does not have any supernatural powers to defeat his crazed enemies. Batman has been a popular mythical character to young boys since the 1950’s. In this blog entry, I will examine the specific characters portrayed in the Batman the Animated Series cartoon and how they construct masculinity and femininity.

Bruce Wayne/Batman

Bruce Wayne is Gotham’s richest man and most eligible bachelor. He fits the ideology of everything that is good. Everything from his socioeconomic status to his physical physique is nearly flawless. His alter ego Batman never fails to save the city from the crazed maniacs that try to hurt the innocent people of Gotham. Physically Bruce Wayne is huge and does not have an ounce of fat on his body. His bat suit brings out all of Bruce’s overwhelming physical features. In fact most of the male characters in this series have a similar body type. Even though Bruce Wayne inherits all of his wealth from his Mother and Father and he is usually a very private person he is still very highly regarded even though he has little to do with the daily functions of the Wayne Corporation. The people of Gotham bow to him in two different forms either as himself or his alter ego Batman. Batman also has a protégé that he took in when his parents were slain Dick Grayson and his alter ego Robin.

Dick Grayson/Robin

Dick Grayson could be considered a miniature version of Bruce Wayne in every sense he also fits the ideology of everything that is good. He also has to grieve with the loss of his parents just as his mentor Bruce Wayne did. As Bruce’s closest confidant and the only other person who knows about his secret life besides his butler Alfred he stands to inherit all of Bruce’s wealth if anything happens to him. Dick is also a very popular figure on a smaller scale at Gotham University and is also sought after hard by most of the women on campus. Even Physically Grayson is a smaller version of Bruce with mostly the same facial features and the same cut up body without an ounce of fat. He is not as physically imposing looking as Bruce but he is still in great condition. Robin learns from Batman the way of the streets and about the mad villains that are trying to destroy Gotham. Robin is Batman’s sidekick in every sense of the word he does not get to drive the Bat mobile and is often never seen as the hero when both have a share in saving Gotham from whatever attack they face. Batman receives all or most of the credit. Any variation of Batman is not complete without some of the insane villains Batman faces off against.

The Joker

The Joker is the arch nemesis of Batman and Robin and is the dynamic duos biggest threat. The Joker is the ideology in the show of everything that is bad. The Joker is horribly disfigured mentally and physically. The Joker has no feelings and will do anything to get laugh which usually means trying to hurt the people of Gotham and kill Batman. The Joker physically is not physically not very physically imposing he is tall and skinny. His skin is ghostly pale due to him falling into a vat of chemicals that made him go mad and changed his pigmentation. His clothing is also very different than that of Bruce Wayne he wears ugly purple suits while Bruce Wayne wears fine clothing and wears a high tech suit when he is Batman. While Bruce Wayne stays away from the bright lights of the media the Joker embraces the spotlight by high jacking TV stations to the people of Gotham can see his retched smiling face. Joker like most criminals has to steal all of his riches in order to perform his crimes. The Joker is seen as the bottom of the barrel and the scum of the earth who strikes fear into the people of Gotham.

The women of the show such as Selena Kyle/Cat woman, Pamela Eisley/ Poison Ivy, Harlene Quinzel/Harlequin and Barbara Gordon/Batgirl are all petite young and beautiful. They all have long flowing hair, rail thin stomachs, voluptuous hips and large breasts. These women are seen as objects to the powerful men in the show. The women are never seen as powerful until they change into their costumes and become their alter ego’s.

Pamela Eisley/Poison Ivy

Pamela Eisley also known as Poison Ivy is an example of a women who only becomes powerful until she has a costume on. Pam dated Harvey Dent before he turned into Two Face and nearly killed him by poisoning him after Harvey wiped out an extinct plant. Pam before turning into Poison Ivy was just seen as a harmless beautiful girl that Harvey Dent dated. After this incident Pam becomes Poison Ivy and is one of the most dangerous and feared criminals in Gotham.

Selena Kyle/Catwoman

Selena Kyle also known as Catwoman is the object of Bruce Wayne’s affection for most of the show while Batman is the object of her affection when they are squaring off against one another. Selena is not really seen as a villain in the show because she does not side with the other villains and does all of her jobs independently. Selena much like the rest of the female characters is seen as a beautiful woman on Bruce Wayne’s arm until she changes into her cat suit. When she is Cat Woman she is a cat quick thief who is capable of taking on any male challenger.

Harlene Quinzel/ Harlequin

Harley Quinn is a former clinical psychologist whose mind has been warped by the Joker. Harley is madly in love with the Joker and will do anything to please him. She is considered to be of little threat at all just a beautiful woman that the joker cant flaunt and do some of his dirty work. In a particular episode Harley runs away from the Joker and captures batman and has him tied up over a tank of hungry piranhas. She calls the joker because she wants to show her what she has done. Harley thinks Joker will be proud of her accomplishment and they will kill Batman together. When joker enters the room he becomes enraged because she has came closer to killing Batman than he ever has. Joker cannot get over the fact that a woman did a better job than him on something that consumes his whole life.

Batman portrays many ideologies for both men and women in terms of what is right and what is wrong and how each sex should be indentified.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Bauer vs. Batman

Bauer vs. Batman - How Does Jack Measure Up to the Dark Knight


Today on the BuzzFocus Friday Faceoff, we’re pitting Batman versus Bauer. With the premiere of 24 Season 8 next weekend, everyone’s wondering what threat will Jack face next. Well, if Jack can’t take on Batman, then he might as well hang up the gloves and retire to, I don’t know, Africa – again.
Let’s check out a few vitals to see how Jack measures up to the Dark Knight. CLICK HERE THE REMAINDER OF THE ARTICLE (AND CREDITS)


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