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Sunday, 12 October 2008

No plans for Batman 3......yet....

I took this off

THE DARK KNIGHT screenwriter DAVID GOYER is baffled by reports he's working on a second sequel to 2005's BATMAN BEGINS - because he hasn't even discussed the possibility with director CHRISTOPHER NOLAN.

Goyer was rumoured to have reteamed with Nolan to pen a script for another installment of the superhero franchise following the huge box office success of this summer's (08) The Dark Knight.
The film has grossed $988 million (GBP534 million) worldwide since its July (08) release.

But Goyer insists there are no plans for another Batman movie just yet, telling MTV, "It's all B.S. (bulls**t). All of it." He adds, "Chris and I haven't even talked about it. He quite understandably is taking a long, long vacation and wants to purge himself.

"We have mused here and there (but) I mean Chris is pretty much a one-movie-at-a-time kind of guy. I wish I could tell you more. There really isn’t anything to tell."
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