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Saturday, 27 September 2008

Build your own Tumbler...this guy did!

These guys are crazy! but in the "i-wish-i could-do-that" why!!!
Check out their site for more great vehicles and characters, etc. Lucky for us they have why too much time on their hands! HA!

Talk Show Idol 2..........I didin't know there was a 1

here's my buddy Mike, on Talk Show now and vote often!

Monday, 22 September 2008

Chow to Direct and Star in Green Hornet!

Here's the press release that says it all.

New Batman title form Denny O'neil

Here's some great news from Comic Book Resources....
DC and Batman "legend" Denny O'Neil will be writing a Batman title for the first time in 28 years!!! Holy back from the Abyss Batman!!!!
OK...he hasn't been in an abyss...he's been busy doing... stuff

In the CBR article he says;
“It’s nice to revisit, however briefly, characters who were so much a part of my life for so long,” said O’Neil, who was associated with the Batverse as either a writer or editor or group editor for much of the seventies, eighties and well into the nineties, and is widely credited with returning Batman to his Dark Knight roots.

Sunday, 21 September 2008

BATMAN Lego trailer

Some cool vechicle shots...
I'm glad I have all the lego sets so I can pay with them.....I mean my son can play with them...umm yeah...yes.

Friday, 19 September 2008

Katie Holmes makes Broadway debut amid pickets

I think it's great that people are so up in arms about the whole Scientology thing. that is sucks in people, lets face it, it's a CULT...and big elitist cult.

Katie Holmes (Batman Begins) appeared on Broadway for the first time this week.
Read more here.

Sunday, 14 September 2008

KITT is back

Lets all watch for the "HOFF" cameos

Heath Ledger's Bar Opens up

Five Leaves Left
Heath Ledger's Bar Opens

You're not one to buy the hype.

So when a tiny corner bar and restaurant on the outskirts of Williamsburg is being talked about like the next great Brooklyn hipster enclave—partly due to the fact that at one point it was Heath Ledger's pet project—you approach with caution.

Allow us, then, to take you on a tour of what to expect when you're out in Brooklyn and want to stop by Five Leaves—opening Wednesday—for a beer and a bite.

First, the designer is the man behind such barroom favorites as Moto, Smith and Mills and Tailor, so you'll notice the same attention to detail, handcrafted look and hint of cool about the place. The end effect is a bar that Thomas Edison might have built for his buddies. The handmade light fixtures are steel and wire concoctions that seem right out of a lab, and the bathroom door is a massive, '20s-era boiler room door. Even the walls are covered in what the owners call "steel wallpaper" (trust us, it's cozier than it sounds).

It's all meant to be a super casual California- and Australia-tinged cafe, coffeehouse and oyster bar, with greenmarket snacks like Sliced Radishes on Toast with Evans Farmhouse Butter.

And starting with tonight's friends and family opening party, you'll probably see a few famous faces amongst the Billyburg faithful.

OK, maybe you'll buy a little hype.

Five Leaves, 18 Bedford Ave (at Lorimer and Nassau), Brooklyn

Bitchy Heroes

In a London not too dissimilar to our own, Electroclash (superhero power: controlling machines with her voice) and She-Force (the third strongest woman in the world, albeit incredibly needy) are standing outside a superhero convention. “Stop sulking,” She-Force urges Electroclash. “Meeting the fans is part of our job.” “Violence is our job,” Electroclash replies scornfully, drawing on a fag. “Equipping is our job. Hanging out with a bunch of sweaty knuckle. . . ” but her abusive lips switch quickly to a charming smile as two geeks from the Brentwood Powerfan Society open the door with lascivious glee. “Here’s your appearance money,” leers one. “Do you want to count it? Like a prostitute?”
continue here...

Friday, 12 September 2008

Holy F****, Batman about a typo.

'Batman and Robin' drops F-bomb, Frank Miller calls it 'terrible and glorious'

DC Comics has pulled back tens of thousands of copies of "All-Star Batman and Robin" No. 10 due to a printing error that put two R-rated words into word balloons in the story. Which words? Well, one begins with "F" and the other begins with "C" -- and, yes, it's that C word.

more here...

No birds for Hoffman

Philip Seymour Hoffman denies playing 'Penguin' in next 'Batman' sequel
Hollywood actor Philip Seymour Hoffman has denied claims that he will be playing the villainous penguin in 'Dark Knight' sequel.

The rumours began of him playing the role began when actor Michael Caine told reporters at the Toronto film festival that Hoffman will be seen portraying the role of 'Penguin' and Johnny Depp as the 'Riddler' in the sequel.

However, Philip denied the claims.

"No one has talked to me about it - never, It happened, like, five years ago, too. It's a rumour back then and it's still a rumour," the New York Daily News quoted the actor, as telling MTV.

BATMAN vs. Oscar

Can Batman compete for Oscar?


Associated Press

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The last time a movie topped a half-billion dollars at the domestic box office, it sailed away with most of the Oscars.

That was "Titanic" 11 years back. This time, it's "The Dark Knight," a critically acclaimed film but a genre picture that will be a tougher sell to Academy Award voters except for the performance delivered by Heath Ledger.

As Hollywood enters the prestige season, when studios unveil most of their awards contenders, Ledger seems a solid bet for an acting nomination as the maniacal bad guy the Joker. The role has been classified as one of the best villains in Hollywood history, a remarkable turn by the actor who died in January of an accidental prescription drug overdose.

While "The Dark Knight" also should score well in technical categories, its Oscar prospects are slim for other key awards, among them an acting honor for Christian Bale, reprising his "Batman Begins" lead role with an exceptional delivery as the comic-book superhero.

read more here...

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Monday, 8 September 2008


This is just crazy talk. We all know that Bale, Freeman, Cain have 3 picture deals!!!! Nolan just needs a break, that's all....right?!?!?!?
Personally, I don't want them to replace Ledger.....just move on.

Batman sequel may never be made
London, Sept 7 (ANI): While the Batman movie The Dark Knight was a box office hit, a much expected sequel to it may never be made.

Friday, 5 September 2008

Batman has the wheels!!!!

It's official! Warner Brothers' summer smash hit “The Dark Knight” has now become only the second film in history to top the half-billion dollar mark in US cinemas. Starring sexy Christian Bale, who cruises Gotham City in a racy Lamborghini
Batman's new bike makes Dodge's Tomahawk concept bike look wimpy.
Murcielago LP640 Coupe, the legend of Batman and his awesome automobiles has now been re-written for good.

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Murder at Wayne Manor

Batman: Murder at Wayne Manor is an interactive mystery novel by crime novelist and comic writer Duane Swierczynski, with artwork by David Lapham. Murder at Wayne Manor allows the reader to follow the evidence to come up with the solution of “whodunit.” You solve the mystery by using reproductions of the evidence found throughout the story.

Click here for more info.

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

New Batman Movie Rumors Circulate!

So this informed source claims to have read an outline of follow-up to The Dark Knight, which also sets up a fourth Bat-movie. It just needs the Nolan brothers and David S. Goyer to sit down and write a proper script. Since the source in question is spelling-impaired, I’m sure it’s a real Hollywood insider.

The major villain of Batman 3, according to this source? Talia Al-Ghul, taking revenge for her father’s apparent death at the hands of Batman.

Replica Tumbler

Batman's Tumbler Replica Won't Fly On Rooftops, Ram Through Barricades or Take a Direct RPG RoundThis US$499 Tumbler from The Dark Knight is confusing. On the one hand, it's US$499, but on the other hand, it's a 1:6 replica of what Batman's been driving in the last two movies, PLUS it's even big enough for you to fit your 12-inch action figures in.

Read more here.


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